This 1878 Home in rural Minnesota was a major challenge. 90% of the paint was peeling or already fallen off the house. The entire house was scraped and sanded down to the bare wood. Powerwashing cleaned the wood and removed any debris remaining. All cracks were then caulked to seal the house up properly. A coat of peel bond primer, tinted the color of the house to aid in coverage, was applied. Two coats of Quality paint were sprayed and back brushed for optimal coverage. Finally, a complimentary trim paint was applied.

The painting on this century old home in Southwest Minneapolis included extensive scraping, sanding, caulking and priming before re-coating the house with a premium white paint. Only the highest quality primers and paints were used to insure durability.


These homeowners contacted me to start a multi-phase process of rejuvenating the entire interior of their home. The first phase included repainting the Master Bedroom, Master Bath and adjacent closet in new colors. Every couple months we will take on a few additional rooms until the house is transformed. A great way to refresh your house while spreading out the cost and disruptions of doing all at once.


This Fence and Deck in Suburban Minneapolis required restoration not only to beautify it but to preserve the wood. First we power wash the wood to remove dirt and any previous coats of stain or varnish. Then we spray and back brush new stain onto the entire surface on both sides. The same technique is used to restore decks or fences.